[:fr]Dear parents

We hope you are all doing well.

It is now time for the first appraisals/utvecklingssamtal. The teachers will propose timeslots on the whiteboard for you to register. If none of these proposed timeslots fit into your schedule, contact Noémie, Hélène or Lydie and will try their best to find a new time.

New for this year: the children are part of the meetings and an individual card with several stars and wishes preliminarily filled in by the teacher will be remitted to the child and discussed together during the 15 minutes meeting.

This card will also be used at the next appraisal meeting, during the spring, in order to assess the progress over the year.

As we mentioned previously both the level in French and the motivation to attend l’École Buissonière are decisive factors for enrolment each year and we want to develop tools to facilitate decisions for everyone involved.

BTW, why are we writing to you in English? We have one family member where no parents speak French, only their child does, and one family member who do not speak Swedish. So English is our common communication language 🙂



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