[:fr]Homework for November 7th ( Noémie’s group: oldest pupils) [:]

[:fr]During the last sessions, the pupils from my group have been working on a news blog where they will be able to write and exchange in French about the topics they are interested about and those we are discussing at l’Ecole Buissonière (music, videos, series, recipies, Paris and Stockholm etc…):

After yesterday’s session where we went through the last touch for the design, we are happy to show you how the frame for the blog now looks like:

Le bon jour

They’ll regularly publish articles on the blog and we are even planning to record one radio program for december that we will put online.

Your children have for homework for next time to write a short presentation about themselves (10 lines max) and their hobbies and interests and to chose an avatar picture to “represent” them ( as we do not want to put real pictures of them on the blog). It can be their hero, favorite comics or whatever they want and that is suitable ( drawing, artworks, object etc.)

During Yesterday’s session, we talked about the Louvre (its history from a fortress to now) and looked at different small stories/films around famous pieces of art from the Louvre.


Petits films autour du Louvre

We ended the session realizing Halloween portraits of the Mona Lisa :-).


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