During yesterday’s travel to the French capital, we celebrated Parisian’s “Gastronomie” and prepared different parisian specialties in each group (Chouquettes, Tarte Bourdaloue and Croque Monsieur).

If you wish to do the recipies at home with your children, here are some useful links :

With the oldest pupils, after talking about the famous “Jules vernes” restaurant located on the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower, we talked about the biggest famous Parisian restaurants ( Maxims, La Tour d’Argent , Le Dôme…), Parisian cheeses like the “Brie”, fruits and vegetables like “champignons de Paris”, Parisian markets, famous dishes like “la soupe à l’oignon” or la “côte rôtie”.

They were very interested about the Guide Michelin Rating system so I forward here a short article in French about the best swedish restaurants as they were very curious about that specific question. I apologise in advance if they ask you to bring them there ;-).

Younger kids worked among other things on how to dress the table, they drew what were their favorite courses, and talked about the cultural differences between eating in France and in Sweden.

We will all (3 groups) continue having fun working and learning on the Parisian “Gastronomie”during next session.

Kind regards

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