[:fr]Classes on Monday 29th[:]


Today the classes will be leaded by our extra teachers: Cynthia, Zoé and exceptionally … me.

Our regular teachers Lydie, Noémie and Hélène and our 3rd extra teacher are not able to join; some have had family emergencies, other are on training for DELF, other are attending wedding in France. This is life.

I also would like to inform you that there are NO CHANGES for bringing your child or picking you child up but the classes will take place in Hartwickska Huset at Sankt Paulsgatan 39C, close to Mariatorget.

Please try to be on time in order for us to leave from Bågen at 14:30.

We will be back at 17:30

If you need to contact us, here comes our phone numbers:

Delphine 073 717 87 43

Cynthia 073 094 68 56

See you tomorrow and even today at the family day for most of us!



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