[:fr]SURVEY – Thanks for your participation. Here come a summary of the answers we got (17 answers)[:]

[:fr]From the17 answers we got, 2 come from parents whose child is in the waiting list.

* Q2 & 5 – Questions regarding how satisfied/happy you and your child are with EB, we got 94% positive and very answers.
88% of you would with a high probability recommend L’EB to a third party (Q8).

* Q 4 – Questions regarding how l’EB influenced the French level of your child, we got 100% positive answers which means 12% think that the child kept his/her level and 88% think that the child knowledge in French improved. That’s great!

* Q6 – If we look a bit more details regarding the level of satisfaction, 85% are satisfied and very satisfied about all the aspects we listed in the survey (teachers, activities and price).

* Q3 – Regarding the subjects your child would like to take about, we got a lot of proposals, some new (roleplaying, create a movie/newspaper/a board game, music, space, mathematic, history, Paris, art…) and some we already had (like theater, create a book, circus, animals…). Best if the teacher come back to you about this.

* Q7 – Regarding the possibility to borrow some books and to graduate (DELF), 53% did not use these 2 possibilities yet. Level of interest is also by approximately 59% (DELF) and 53% (books).

Thanks to all for your answers and your encouragement![:]

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